Garnishes for Cheddar

Here are some cheese plate garnishes
that go particularly well with cheddar…


OliveOLIVES: The saltiness and texture goes best with 3 year cheddar.
PearPEARS: A sweetness that complements without overpowering.
ChutneyCHUTNEYS: The sweeter the chutney, the milder the cheddar.
WalnutNUTS: Unsalted is best. Walnuts are an especially good choice.
BaguetteBAGUETTE SLICES: Plain, toasted or broiled. A good choice for any Cheddar, but especially extra old. Thinly sliced and toasted artesanal breads or fruit breads are also ideal.
AppleAPPLES: The acidity refreshes and clears the palate. We recommend Royal Gala.
BaguetteFIGS/DATES: A good choice with medium and older cheddars.